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Support to the Development of Art and Culture

In each nation, art and culture summarise the entire range of human experience that needs to be preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Baltic International Bank is proud to have the possibility to support several valuable art projects.


Mobile Application of the Latvian National Art Museum

Mobile Application of the Latvian National Art Museum

Baltic International Bank has become the patron of the Latvian National Art Museum (the 'LNAM') for the period of development until 2018. As a result of cooperation between the LNAM and the Bank, a mobile application of the LNMA, being one of the most advanced museum applications, was developed.

This free mobile application will enable each visitor of the museum to see the exhibition and architecture of the unique building paying attention to details and nuances that hide exciting stories and new levels of cognition.

This mobile application can be downloaded on the websites “GooglePlay” and “AppStore”. 


Letter to a Man by Mikhail Baryshnikov

Letter to a Man Mikhail Baryshnikov

In 2016, under the Bank’s support, guest performance of the world’s most famous male ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov was held in Latvia with a one-man show Letter to a Man. Being a joint work of Baryshnikov and Wilson, this one-man show is based on the diary of the great dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. Unfortunately, modern spectators are deprived of the possibility to see how Nijinsky was dancing since his performances were not documented. Nevertheless, Baryshnikov and Nijinsky were recognised as the foremost male ballet dancers of the 20th century, whereas the one-man show Letter to a Man has become a peculiar one-on-one meeting of the two artists. 


Ilmārs Blumbergs I WON'T DIE

Ilmārs Blumbergs I WON'T DIE

In autumn 2013, under the Bank’s support, a personal exhibition of the famous Latvian artist Ilmārs Blumbergs I Will Not Die was opened as well as the eponymously-named book about the artist’s life and creative work was presented.  

Following the book and exhibition, this project was continued and, under the Bank’s support, a film about Ilmārs Blumbergs I WILL NOT DIE was made and its presentation was held in 2014. DVDs with the film were given as a gift to 100 Latvian music and art schools.

‘I draw what I feel to better understand how I live’. Ilmārs Blumbergs

In honour of the foremost Latvian artist and its 20th anniversary, Baltic International Bank also issued a silver commemorative medal showing the figure of a Bowing Servant created by Ilmārs Blumbergs. The figure of the Bowing Servant was created while the artist was working on a set of works under the title Signs in 1993 which is also the year of foundation of Baltic International Bank.


21st Century Renaissance, Work of Art Made of Silver

Auzers 21st Century Renaissance, Work of Art Made of Silver

In 2010, at the Bank’s initiative, a unique work of art made of silver 21st Century Renaissance was created the author of which is the legendary Latvian silversmith Oļegs Auzers. The 21st Century Renaissance bowl made of sterling silver is 120 cm high, 75 cm long, 65 cm wide, and weighs 35.37 kg. The bowl was made using the ancient silversmith techniques and the great master had turned in into the artwork having no analogues. During the Night of Museums in 2010, each Latvia’s inhabitant had the chance to see this unique artwork made of silver with their own eyes at the Museum of Riga’s History and Navigation.  




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