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Baltic International Bank Investment Forum


Old money. New world!

24 May 2019 | Riga


This year our prestigious Investment Forum “Old money. New world!” brought together extraordinary personalities, top names of the world and Latvia, some of the most powerful minds, starting with our honourable keynote speaker Charles Morgan who shared his legacy, insight and visionary ideas.

Investment Forum provided the opportunity to mingle with more than hundred private banking clients, business partners and top stakeholders. The Forum focus was on wealth succession – a journey to financial security and confidence.

An ever-growing amount of wealth is looking for exclusive investment opportunities

According to the most recent Knight Frank wealth report, the global number of ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWI) is estimated to grow by 22% over the next five years, meaning, additional 43 thousand people will be worth more than US$ 30 million by 2023. This implies that an ever-growing amount of wealth is looking for a defined amount of exclusive investment opportunities.


Despite of the slowing economic growth globally, we are optimistic about the upcoming years and see that there will be considerable opportunities for our clients as the markets change. Investment Forum is a place where you can learn about the current investment market trends, as well as hear first-hand about the latest investment opportunities

Viktors Bolbats, CEO

Special offer of investment projects for forum delegates

Baltic International Bank Investment Forum provides also practical value for the delegates – individually tailored and carefully selected investment projects in energy, real estate, retail and other sectors will be exclusively premiered for the attendees of the forum.


You will be able to choose your preferred investment method – be it bonds or fixed income instruments, investing in equity or stocks, real estate, co-invest in a project or use of other asset management opportunities. We provide both from-the-shelf offerings, as well as tailored solutions, based on customer preferences and risk strategy. 

Why to attend


“We are DRIVEN at heart”, states the slogan of iconic Morgan Motor Company. Grandson of the Founder and Shareholder of Morgan Motor Company, co-author of the acknowledged book “Morgan 100 Years” Charles Morgan claims that drive to succeed is the biggest motivator in our road to success. Watch the video to find out more about insights and visionary stories he shared with the audience this May in Riga.

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JOIN PANEL DISCUSSION “Where to invest today?”


Now is the time when people have record high savings and technology makes it easier to access financial instruments, making investment topics a crucial agenda of today. This year’s panel discussion will focus on the Baltics as an alternative in the low yield environment. We will cover the topics related to Baltic investment climate, challenges and benefits in investing in Baltic countries. Investment alternatives in several asset classes, as well as development of local capital markets ecosystem will be among the topics we will discuss with local and international professionals from the field.  



Oto Davidovs

“I am truly proud that this year’s Forum panel will bring together internationally renowned professionals allowing the conference delegates to meet investment industry experts on local and global market scale. This is a great opportunity to learn more about investment climate in Baltic’s and find out latest market trends of the industry!”

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Aare Tammemäe

“Investing in the Baltic countries is becoming increasingly popular as people are getting wealthier and more aware of investment opportunities into Baltic private debt, bonds, real estate or other securities. Join our Panel discussion “Where to invest today?” to understand new investment possibilities in the Baltic securities, key trends for investing in the region and future perspectives!”



Deniss Kairans

“Investing in real estate requires thorough knowledge of the Baltic real estate market: retail, office and residential. People should avoid short-term thinking when adopting real estate investment decisions – they need to compare yields, think of long-term benefits.”






Alejandro Gonzalez

“I look forward to visiting Riga and engaging the panel and attendees in discussion. As a trader, investor and arranger of debentures, I am happy to share some of our insights on what the main requirements are for institutional issuers to access liquidity as well as for investors to participate in less liquid markets. The Baltic region has a lot of potential and we believe that many investors overlook its true value."



Viktors Bolbats

“I truly believe that it is Bank’s mission to bring clients, investors and partners together in an Investment Forum as a platform for far-reaching positive impact. We want to connect our clients with leading investors, economists and asset managers to discuss the global outlook and future trends, as well as the opportunities and risks ahead.”



Meet and exchange ideas with leading regional investors, regulators, economists and asset managers to discuss the outlook, future trends, opportunities and risks ahead. This is an excellent chance to hear opinions from experts on unparalleled investment opportunities. In addition, you will be able to meet Baltic International Bank leadership, management and financial advisors and discuss existing and future business deals. 



Up-to-date strategies and emerging trends in investment management, world class expertise and policy discussions - we will provide the depth of information allowing you to get your wealth on the next level. 


The Baltic International Bank Investment Forum serves as a reliable and valuable platform for you and your future business prospects. Enjoy inspirational content, exciting speeches, network with other banking clients, build relations and generate future business ideas. Remember – we care about succession and positive impact on society.    

Exquisite dining experiences in the heart of Riga

Our Gala Dinner will create a synergy of fine dining, music, great atmosphere and magically beautiful location – Riga Dome Cathedral garden – for a truly memorable evening to remember.

During the Baltic International Bank Investment Forum Gala Dinner we are truly delighted and honoured to provide you an exceptional gourmand experience brought to you by the Top Chef of Latvia of 2019 – Valters Zirdziņš. Valters is a renowned Chef in Latvia and abroad, his activities have been recognized on national level. Local foodies praise Valters Zirdziņš as the rising star of the Latvian cuisine. Currently the best Chef in Latvia encourages every gourmand to visit his restaurant “Valtera Restorāns” that provides exquisite dining experiences, focusing on local ingredients, modern Latvian cuisine, slow food traditions and sustainable approach both in food preparation and serving. Also Valters previous work as the Chef in exceptional Dikļi Palace in Latvia have been renowned and highly regarded.


Guests will be able to enjoy a seasonal menu, developed for the peak of the Latvian spring – month of May, with local greens, freshwater fish, Latvian beef tartar and other specialties. Maybe this will be the first time in your life to try Latvian cottage cheese cream, sourdough bread, buckwheat chips or a very special dessert! You will be able to toast the event with best selection of French wines and Armagnac accompanied by a special surprise – local rhubarb sparkling wine to treat your taste buds! All dishes will provide sophisticated character, taste, flavour, design and serving options in line with the location and significance of this fabulous event.

Dine while enjoying spectacular performance of the jazz singer Beāte Zviedre. Her program consists of classic jazz standards and best of world’s musicals.

Give to Receive

All truly grand and successful entrepreneurs have understood the meaning of charity. For example, Bill Gates donates large amounts of his wealth to charity, implying that this is both meaningful and fun and emphasizing that philanthropy is a basic responsibility of every profitable business, as the best use of extra wealth is to give it back to society. 

In accordance with our sponsorship and charitable donation principles Baltic International Bank acknowledges its corporate and social responsibility as well as the role it plays in the community. Bank has provided generous charitable support for various causes as we are genuinely interested in the prosperity and well-being of our society – we care about Latvia, its people and various communities in our country supporting integrity, inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities for everyone.


We invite you to join us in the common charity goal and donate to one special project during the Baltic International Bank Investment Forum. We are collecting money to provide social services (social rehabilitation, day care and home care services) for 50 children of Riga (age up to 17 years) with various disabilities. Purpose of the support is to improve their social and functional skills, as well as social rehabilitation services to the legal guardians of these children.

Our help will provide these children and their families’ support, ability to obtain social rehabilitation services, improve household and social skills, strengthen family values, and reduce the family separation risk allowing the families to receive social, psychological and educational services to ease their daily life but most important – show them that we care, that they are not alone and excluded from the society, as inclusion is a virtue we truly believe in and stand for.

We are collecting money to provide social services - social rehabilitation, day care and home care services, for 50 children of Riga age up to 17 years with various disabilities. Purpose of the support is to improve their social and functional skills, as well as social rehabilitation services to the legal guardians of these children.

More information about this project can be found here: www.caritas.lv 

You gain when giving. You gain receiving. No one can take away the given.Rainis – internationally acclaimed Latvian poet



The project owner is foundation “CARITAS LATVIJA” and it holds the Status of Public Benefit Organisations since 15.08.2006. Decision the Minister for Finance of the Republic of Latvia Nr. 162.

If you like to make a donation please use the information below to make a donation by bank transfer.



Donation to Support Caritas Latvija Activities and Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities and Their Family Members



Legal address: Mazā Pils iela 2A

Riga, LV 1050

Reg. No. 40008086191

Swedbank AS

Bank code: HABALV22

Account No .: LV46HABA0551008657797 


Baltic International Bank Investment Forum will be held in the unique conference venue – Grand Ballroom at Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga. The Hotel proudly carries the Kempinski name – Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group founded in 1897.

After having a productive day, join an exclusive white jacket gala dinner in an elegant and luxurious atmosphere – at Riga dome cathedral garden – one of the symbols of Riga and the most unique locations in the Old Town. This sophisticated gourmand experience will be accompanied by outstanding musical performances.





Dress code

Business casual - for the official part of the conference

White Jacket – for the Gala Dinner
(White jacket - for men, evening dress - for women)



Where to order/tailor/rent white jacket for men 

Best tailoring at its finest

Guntars Reidzāns, Member of the Management Board, invite to join you Baltic International Bank Investment Forum on May 24 in Riga. He is already preparing for our exquisite Forum Gala Dinner that will take place in the very heart of Old Riga – Riga Dome Cathedral Garden – bringing you exceptional gourmand experience, beautiful jazz music and magic of the Northern spring nights.

Find your local tailor and start preparing your White Jacket outfit now! You still have some weeks till the event!




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