Baltic International Bank initiates and actively supports cultural, artistic, sport, scientific and business projects socially important for Latvia.



Latvian literature development is one of the long-standing areas of the Bank’s focus within the framework of social support. Among the books supported by the Bank, there are many publications of great importance for the Latvian literature and cultural history; Baltic International Bank has for several years been supporting the Annual Latvian Literature Award (LaLiGaBa).

Art and culture

In each nation, art and culture summarize the entire range of human experience that needs to be preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Baltic International Bank is proud to have the possibility to support several valuable art projects.

Art and culture
Science and Business

Science and Business

Baltic International Bank has for several years been supporting the platform for the creation of new businesses Commercialization Reactor. This international technology commercialisation platform was developed in Latvia with the aim to combine scientific excellence with entrepreneurial experience and knowledge thus creating the basis for the development and activity of new and successful high tech companies. Expanding cooperation with start-ups, at the beginning of 2017 Baltic International Bank started cooperating with the Latvian Start-up Association StartIn.

"Baltic International Bank`s Latvian Barometer"

"Baltic International Bank`s Latvian Barometer" is a monthly public opinion survey undertaken by Baltic International Bank in Latvia. The survey focuses on gathering information about the public opinion concerning various social and economic issues. It does not only summarize public attitudes but also provides the evaluations and analysis made by opinion leaders and experts from different sectors.

"Baltic International Bank`s Latvian Barometer"



For more than 25 years, Baltic International Bank focused increasingly on supporting Latvian literature, arts, culture, environment and the general public.

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The Bank sponsors organisations, events, projects and programmes in the fields as follows: culture, art, sports, education, healthcare, environmental protection, social sphere, as well as other projects important for the community. Sponsorship and charitable donation proposals are evaluated according to Baltic International Bank Sponsorship and Charitable Donation Guidelines. Please email sponsorship and charitable donation proposals to



Baltic International Bank was established on 03 May 1993

Baltic International Bank was the first bank in Latvia to offer private banking services

Remote customer service was launched


The Bank started to conduct trust operations

Customers were given the possibility to invest in gold bullions meeting the international quality standards

The Bank joined the Electronic Clearing System of the Bank of Latvia

JSC Latvian Industrial Bank (AS Latvijas Industriālā banka) was merged into the Bank

A new tradition to annually conduct customer conferences was established

Baltic International Bank started offering American Express payment cards as well as joined the international payment system Europay International

The Bank started offering MasterCard payment cards to its customers

The Bank made substantial investments in the efficiency enhancement by developing an analytical reporting system

The Bank’s customers started using a new secure online payment system Digipass

The first representative office of Baltic International Bank in Moscow was opened

The first representative office of Baltic International Bank in London was opened

The Bank’s Moscow-based representative office joined the Association of Regional Banks of Russia

Baltic International Bank obtained a license to open its representative office in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv

Official opening of the new office building in Riga at 6 Grecinieku Street

Baltic International Bank became a family bank and announced its shift to family wealth management

Baltic International Bank was the first bank in the Baltic States to issue the prestigious MasterCard World Signia payment card

Baltic International Bank was recognized as the best bank in the Baltic States and CIS offering private banking and wealth management services to clients in Russia


Baltic International Bank started developing investment services

The Bank started offering non-financial services or lifestyle management services to its customers

Baltic International Bank had for the second time became the winner of the prestigious CHIVAS SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2011 in the nomination Best Bank in the Baltic States and CIS Offering Private Banking and Wealth Management Services to Clients in Russia

A new opportunity was offered to the holders of MasterCard World Signia payment cards – a special Amber Card ensuring confidentiality of personal data of its holder in daily payments

Baltic International Bank started issuing VISA Infinite payment cards having become the first bank in Latvia to offer the highest-level payment cards of all largest payment card systems, i.e. VISA, MasterCard and American Express

The customers started using Digipass for Mobile, an application ensuring greater security of operations in the Bank’s Internet Banking

The Bank celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since its foundation in 1993, the Bank’s share capital had risen from the initial LVL 250 000 (31 December 1994) to LVL 20.8 million (31 December 2013), whereas the total number of employees had increased from 5 to 230

Baltic International Banka started issuing its bonds

The Bank started a new deposit programme Deposit 33

The first Bank’s bond issue programme totally amounting to EUR 20 million was successfully completed

A mobile Internet Banking application was developed

On 12 August, the Bank’s bonds were for the first time listed on the Nasdaq Baltic Bond List of Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange

Baltic International Bank was awarded Silver Prize in the annual Sustainability Index

The Bank started implementing its new business strategy aimed at long-term investments

Baltic International Bank rendered support to the development of environmentally friendly business in Europe by investing 5 million euro in Green Gateway Fund

For customer convenience, a new, updated homepage of Baltic International Bank became available

Baltic International Bank receives the Gold Award from the Sustainability Index and the Status of Family-Friendly Enterprise

Latvia 100! Baltic International Bank - 25! Latvia’s centenary and a quarter-century since the foundation of Baltic International Bank – these notable events dominate through the entire year of 2018

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