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Bogdan Andrushchenko

Member of the Management Board, Risk Director

Member of the Management Board, Risk Director

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Bogdan Andrushchenko joined Baltic International Bank in 2002 as a financial analyst.  Later, he worked as a risk manager and was appointed the Head of Consolidated Accounting, Statements and Risk Control Division. In 2008, Bogdan Andrushchenko took up the posts of the Head of the Risk Management Department and the Chief Risk Officer. He was also appointed a member of the Management Board.


Bogdan Andrushchenko holds diploma of higher education from Moscow State Industrial University (professional title as manager). Also, he holds diploma from Economics and Culture Higher School, Latvia (professional title as economist, with emphasis on economics and business administration).


Bogdan is interested in everything that can fit his business needs. He values human traits such as single-mindedness, sense of responsibility and consistency in opinions.


(+371) 6700 0444

9:30 - 17:00

Monday - Friday

local time GMT +02:00