Deposit 33

Placing your free funds on Deposit 33 offered by Baltic International Bank, you will get stable profit and you will have an option to use your funds if necessary having given 33-day notice to the Bank.


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Deposit 33 is the possibility to place free funds on an open-ended demand deposit and earn guaranteed interest on your funds. Moreover, this is a particularly attractive investment instrument since you will be able to withdraw the whole deposit amount at any time, having notified the Bank 33 days before the planned day of withdrawal of funds. 


Apart from the funds placed on Deposit 33, you will get interest from the Bank calculated for the time until the deposit withdrawal date. Once a quarter, the amount of accrued interest is added to the principal amount of the deposit thus ensuring additional profitability.  


Deposit 33 can be opened in euro, USD and GBP. The deposited amount may not be replenished. Interest rate for Deposit 33 is set on the day the specific deposit is made, and the Bank revises it on a regular basis throughout the entire validity of the deposit contract to ensure that deposit profitability complies with the market situation. For each currency, different interest rates that also depend on the deposit amount are offered. 



Deposit 33 in Baltic International Bank


Profitability is higher than when free funds are held in an account


The possibility to withdraw the whole deposit amount, having given 33-day notice to the Bank


The possibility to get profit throughout the entire deposit period


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