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Baltic International Bank supports the development of environmentally friendly business in Europe through investing EUR 5 million in Green Gateway Fund

Issuer News - December 8, 2016 - 16:06

Having actively embarked on the implementation of its operational strategy geared towards sustainable investment, Baltic International Bank has signed the agreement with Green Gateway Fund. Under the agreement, Bank will invest EUR 5 million in the fund. Founded in Germany, the fund is aiming at investments in sustainable projects and companies.

Green Gateway Fund was established by German Wermuth Asset Management (WAM). The purpose of the fund is to invest its own and externally attracted financial resources in the most valuable global companies pursuing a sustainable and eco-friendly approach and focused on the effective use of energy resources. Green Gateway Fund enhances the growth of its portfolio companies by introducing them in the rapidly growing markets where energy consumption is considerably higher than in European countries on average. Being guided by global trends, Green Gateway Fund combines attractive financial returns provided to the investors with a positive impact on the environment.

Our new operational strategy is aimed at investing responsibly. Our goal is to make investments and to enable our customers to pass their wealth to the next generations in an environmentally friendly manner. That implies investing in the promising production of renewable energy in Europe and investing in other projects ensuring the entry of new generation technologies into our daily life. I’m proud that Bank’s investments in Green Gateway Fund will enable any robust European company to evolve and hence ensure financial returns to the investors and improve the quality of life for the entire society!Chairperson of Bank’s Management Board Ilona Gulchak


Wermuth Asset Management was founded in 1999. In 2003, WAM decided to establish the fund which would allow international investors to contribute towards environmentally friendly businesses and gain income stemming therefrom. Green Gateway Fund 1 was founded in 2011. As a result of its successful activities, Green Gateway Fund 2 was established in 2016. All investments of the both funds (Green Gateway Fund 1 and Green Gateway Fund 2) resonate with the ESG concept (Environment, Social, Governance) and the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).


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