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International Public Holidays 2023


01.01.2023. Sunday International public holiday (Check information locally):
02.01.2023. Monday Kazakhstan, Russia, Rwanda, United Kingdom (regional): Day after New Year's Day
03.01.2023. Tuesday Russia: New Year's Holiday
04.01.2023. Wednesday Russia: New Year's Holiday
05.01.2023. Thursday Russia: New Year's Holiday
06.01.2023. Friday Russia: New Year's Holiday
06.01.2023. Friday Germany, Poland, Switzerland: Epiphany
07.01.2023. Saturday Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine: Orthodox Christmas Holiday
08.01.2023. Sunday Russia: New Year's Holiday
09.01.2023. Monday Japan: Coming-of-age Day
16.01.2023. Monday USA: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
21.01.2023. Saturday China, Taiwan: Chinese New Year Holiday
22.01.2023. Sunday China, Taiwan, Hong Kong: Chinese New Year
23.01.2023. Monday China, Taiwan, Hong Kong: Chinese New Year Holiday
24.01.2023. Tuesday China, Taiwan, Hong Kong: Chinese New Year Holiday
25.01.2023. Wednesday China, Taiwan, Hong Kong: Chinese New Year Holiday
26.01.2023. Thursday China, Taiwan: Chinese New Year Holiday
27.01.2023. Friday China, Taiwan: Chinese New Year Holiday


11.02.2023. Saturday Japan: National Foundation Day
16.02.2023. Thursday Lithuania: Restoration of the State Day
23.02.2023. Thursday Russia: Defence of the Fatherland Day
23.02.2023. Thursday Japan: The Emperor's Birthday
24.02.2023. Friday Estonia: Independence Day


08.03.2023. Wednesday Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan: Women's Day
21.03.2023. Tuesday Japan: Vernal Equinox Day
21.03.2023. Tuesday

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan: Nowruz

22.03.2023. Wednesday

Kazakhstan, Tajikistan: Nowruz

23.03.2023.  Thursday

Kazakhstan, Tajikistan: Nowruz

24.03.2023. Friday

Tajikistan: Nowruz


04.04.2023. Tuesday Taiwan: Children's Day
05.04.2023. Wednesday China, Hong Kong, Taiwan Ching Ming Festival
06.04.2023. Thursday Denmark, Norway: Maundy Thursday
07.04.2023. Friday International: Good Friday
09.04.2023. Sunday International: Easter Sunday
10.04.2023. Monday International: Easter Monday
16.04.2023. Sunday International: Orthodox Easter Day
22.04.2023. Saturday International: Eid Al Fitr
23.04.2023. Sunday Turkey: National Sovereignty and Children's Day
29.04.2023. Saturday Japan: Showa Day


01.05.2023. Monday

International: Labour Day

01.05.2023. Monday Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan's People Solidarity Holiday
01.05.2023. Monday

United Kingdom: Early May Bank Holiday

03.05.2023. Wednesday Japan: Constitution Memorial Day
03.05.2023. Wednesday Poland: Constitution Day
04.05.2023. Thursday Japan: Greenery Day
04.05.2023. Thursday Latvia: Declaration of Independence Day
05.05.2023. Friday Japan: Children's Day
05.05.2023. Friday Denmark: Prayer Day
07.05.2023. Sunday Kazakhstan: Defender's Day
08.05.2023. Monday Hong Kong: The Birthday of the Buddha
09.05.2023. Tuesday Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine: Victory Day
17.05.2023. Wednesday Norway: Constitution Day
18.05.2023. Thursday International: Ascension Day
19.05.2023. Friday Turkey: Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day
28.05.2023. Sunday International: Whit Sunday
29.05.2023. Monday International: Whit Monday
29.05.2023. Monday USA: Memorial Day


01.06.2023. Thursday Uzbekistan: International Children's Day
05.06.2023. Monday Denmark: Danish Constitution Day
05.06.2023. Monday Ukraine: Orthodox Pentecost Monday
06.06.2023. Tuesday Sweden: National Day
08.06.2023. Thursday

International: Corpus Christi

12.06.2023. Monday Russia: Russia Day
22.06.2023. Thursday China, Hong Kong, Taiwan: Dragon Boat Festival
23.06.2023. Friday Taiwan: Dragon Boat Festival
23.06.2023. Friday

Latvia: Midsummer Eve

23.06.2023 Friday

Estonia: Victory Day

24.06.2023. Saturday Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: St. John's Day
24.06.2023. Saturday Sweden: Midsummer Eve
27.06.2023. Wednesday Ukraine: Constitution Day
28.06.2023. Wednesday Turkey: Eid Al Adha Holiday
29.06.2023. Thursday Turkey: Eid Al Adha Holiday
30.06.2023. Friday Turkey: Eid Al Adha Holiday


01.07.2023. Saturday Turkey: Eid Al Adha Holiday
01.07.2023. Saturday Canada: Canada Day
03.07.2023. Monday Belarus: Independence Day
04.07.2023. Tuesday USA: Independence Day
06.07.2023. Thursday Kazakhstan: Capital City Day
06.07.2023. Thursday Lithuania: Anniversary of the Coronation of King Mindaugas
15.07.2023. Saturday Turkey: Democracy and National Solidarity Day
17.07.2023. Monday Japan: Marine Day


01.08.2023. Tuesday Switzerland: National Day
11.08.2023. Friday Japan: Mountain Day
15.08.2023. Tuesday International: Assumption Day
20.08.2023. Sunday Estonia: Independence Restoration Day
24.08.2023. Thursday Ukraine: Independence Day
30.08.2023. Wednesday

Turkey: Victory Day

30.08.2023. Wednesday

Kazakhstan: Constitution Day Holiday


01.09.2023. Friday Uzbekistan: Independence Day
04.09.2023. Monday USA, Canada: Labor Day
09.09.2023. Saturday Tajikistan: Independence Day
18.09.2023. Monday Japan: Respect for the Aged Day
23.09.2023. Saturday International: Prophet Muhammad’s birthday
28.09.2023. Thursday Japan: Autumnal Equinox Day
29.09.2023. Friday China: Mid-Autumn Festival


01.10.2023. Sunday

China: Chinese National Day

01.10.2023. Sunday Uzbekistan: Teacher's Day
02.10.2023. Monday China Chinese National Day Holiday
03.10.2023. Tuesday China: Chinese National Day Holiday
04.10.2023. Wednesday China: Chinese National Day Holiday
05.10.2023. Thursday China: Chinese National Day Holiday
06.10.2023. Friday China: Chinese National Day Holiday
09.10.2023. Monday Japan: Health-Sports Day
14.10.2023. Saturday Ukraine: Day of the Defender
21.10.2023. Saturday Estonia: Ethnicity day
26.10.2023. Thursday Austria: National Day
29.10.2023 Sunday Turkey: Republic Day


01.11.2023. Wednesday International: All Saints' Day
03.11.2023. Friday Japan: Culture Day
04.11.2023. Saturday Russia: Day of Unity
06.11.2023. Monday Russia: Day of Unity public Holiday
06.11.2023. Monday Tajikistan: Constitution Day
07.11.2023. Tuesday Belarus: October Revolution Day
11.11.2023. Saturday Poland: Independence Day
18.11.2023. Saturday Latvia: National Day
23.11.2023. Thursday Japan: Labour Thanksgiving Day
23.11.2023. Thursday USA: Thanksgiving


01.12.2023. Friday Kazakhstan: First President's Day
08.12.2023. Friday

International: Immaculate Conception Day

08.12.2023. Friday Uzbekistan: Constitution Day
16.12.2023. Saturday Kazakhstan: Independence Day
17.12.2023. Sunday Kazakhstan: Independence Day Holiday
18.12.2023. Monday Kazakhstan: Independence Day Holiday
24.12.2023. Sunday International: Christmas Eve
25.12.2023. Monday

International: Christmas Day

26.12.2023. Tuesday

International: Second Day of Christmas

26.12.2023. Tuesday

International: St. Stephen's Day

26.12.2023. Tuesday

International: Boxing Day

31.12.2022. Sunday International: New Year's Eve

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