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International Public Holidays 2017


Data Day of the week Country and holiday
02 January Monday Armenia, USA, Australia, Belarus, South Africa, Georgia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Great Britain, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine: New Year`s Day/ New Year`s Holiday
03 January Tuesday Armenia, Japan, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine: New Year`s Day/ New Year`s Holiday
04 January Wednesday Armenia, Russia: New Year`s Holiday
05 January Thursday Armenia, Russia: New Year`s Holiday
06 January Friday Armenia: Armenian Christmas
Poland, Sweden: Epiphany
Russia: New Year`s Holiday
09 January Monday Japan: Coming of Age Day
Ukraine: Orthodox Christmas day
16 January Monday USA: Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.Day
19 January Thursday Georgia: Orthodox Epiphany
26 January Thursday Australia: Australia day
27 January Friday China: Chinese New Year
30 January Monday Hong Kong, China, Singapore: Chinese New Year / Chinese New Year Holiday
31 January Tuesday Hong Kong, China: Chinese New Year / Chinese New Year Holiday
01 February Wednesday China: Chinese New Year
02 February Thursday China: Chinese New Year
06 February Monday New Zealand: Waitangi Day
20 February Monday Canada: Family Day
USA: Presidents' Day
23 February Thursday Russia: Defense of the Fatherland
24 February Friday  Russia: Defense of the Fatherland
03 March Friday Georgia: Mother day
08 March Wednesday Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine: International Women`s Day
20 March Monday Japan: Vernal Equinox OBS
21 March Tuesday Kazakhstan: Noruz
South Africa: Human Rights Day
22 March Wednesday Kazakhstan: Noruz
23 March Thursday Kazakhstan: Noruz
03 April  Monday China: Ching-Ming Festival
04 April  Tuesday Hong Kong, China: Ching-Ming Festival
06 April  Thursday Thailand: Chakri Dynasty Day
11 April  Tuesday Israel: Pesach Day 1
13 April  Thursday Denmark, Norway: Maundry Thursday
Thailand: Songkran Festival
14 April  Friday Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, South Africa, Georgia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, Latvia, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden: Big Friday / Good Friday
Thailand: Songkran Festival
17 April  Monday Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, South Africa, Georgia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Latvia, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine: Easter Monday
Israel: Pesach Day 7
24 April  Monday United Arab Emirates: Lailait al Miraj (Ascension)
Armenia: Genocide Memorial Day
Belarus: Radunitsa (Holy Trinity)
25 April  Tuesday Australia, New Zealand: ANZAC Day
27 April  Thursday South Africa: Freedom Day
01 May Monday Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Czech Republic, South Africa, Hong Kong, Russia, China, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway,  Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Sweden: Labor Day/Worker day/May Day
Kazakhstan: Unification Day
Great Britain: Early May Bank Holiday
02 May Tuesday Israel: Independance Day
Ukraine: Labour Day Holiday
03 May Wednesday Hong Kong: Buddhas Birthday
Japan, Poland: Constitution Day
04 May Thursday Japan: Greenery Day
Latvia: Day of Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia
05 May Friday Latvia: Day of Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia
Japan: Children`s Day
Thailand: Coronation Day
08 May Monday Belarus: Victory Day
Czech Republic: Anniversary of liberation
Kazakhstan: Defender of the Fatherland Day
Russia: Victory day
09 May Tuesday Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine: Victory Day
10 May Wednesday Singapore: Vesak Day
Thailand: Wisakha Bucha Day
12 May Friday Denmark: General Prayer Day
Georgia: St.Andrew`s Day
17 May Wednesday Norway: Constitution Day
19 May Friday Turkey: Ataturk Commemoration and Youth and Sports Day
22 May Monday Canada: Victoria Day
25 May Thursday Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden: Ascension Day
26 May Friday Denmark: Day after Ascension
Georgia: Independence Day
29 May Monday USA: Memorial Day
China: Dragon Boat Festival Holiday
Great Britain: Late May Bank Holiday
30 May Tuesday Hong Kong, China: Dragon Boat Festival Holiday
31 May Wednesday Israel: Shavuot
05 June Monday Denmark: Constitution Day
New Zealand: Queen`s birthday
Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland: Whitmonday
Ukraine: Trinity Day (Orthodox)
06 June Tuesday Sweden: National Day of Sweden or the Swedish Flag Day
12 June Monday Australia: Queen`s birthday
Russia: Declaration of Russian Sovereighty
15 June Thursday Poland: Corpus Christi
16 June Friday South Africa: Youth Day
23 June Friday Latvia: Ligo
Luxembourg: Luxembourg National Holiday
Sweden: Midsummer`s Day
26 June Monday United Arab Emirates: El Fitr
Singapore: Hari Raya Puasa
Turkey: Ramadan (Shaker) Bairam
27 June Tuesday United Arab Emirates: El Fitr
Turkey: Ramadan (Shaker) Bairam
28 June Wednesday Ukraine: Constitution Day
03 July  Monday Belarus: Independance Day
Canada: Canada day
04 July  Tuesday USA: Independence Day
05 July  Wednesday Armenia: Constitution Day
Czech Republic: Day of Cyril and Metodey
06 July Thursday Czech Republic: Jan Hus
Kazakhstan: Day of the Capital
10 July  Monday Thailand: Asalha Bucha Day
17 July Monday Japan: Navy Day
01 August  Tuesday Israel: Fast of Ninth of AB
Switzerland: National Day
07 August  Monday Australia: Bank Holiday NSW / Picnic Day
Canada: Civic Holiday
09 August  Wednesday South Africa: National Women`s Day 
Singapore: National Day
11 August  Friday Japan: Mountain Day
14 August  Monday Thailand: Queen`s Birthday
15 August  Tuesday Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland: Assumption Day
24 August  Thursday Ukraine: Independence Day
28 August  Monday Georgia: Assumptio (Orthodox)
Great Britain: Summer Bank Holiday
30 August Wednesday Kazakhstan: Constitution Day
Turkey: Victory Day
31 August  Thursday United Arab Emirates: Al Adha
01 September Friday Kazakhstan: Eid al-Adha
Turkey: Kurban Bairam 1
04 September Monday USA, Canada: Labor Day
Turkey: Kurban Bairam 4
18 September Monday Japan: Respect for the Aged Day
21 September Thursday United Arab Emirates: Islamic New Year 
Armenia: Independence Day
Israel: Rosh Hashana
22 September Friday Israel: Rosh Hashana
25 September Monday South Africa: Heritage Day OBS
28 September Thursday Czech Republic: Czech Statehood Day
29 September Friday Israel: Yom Kippur Eve
02 October Monday Australia: Labour Day NSW
Hong Kong: Chinese National Day
China: National Day
03 October Tuesday China: National Day
04 October Wednesday China: National Day
05 October Thursday Hong Kong: Day Following Mid-autumn Day
Israel: Sucot Day 1
China: National Day
06 October Friday China: National Day
09 October Monday USA: Columbus Day
Japan: Physical Fitness Day
Canada: Thanksgiving
12 October Thursday Israel: Sucot Day 8
16 October Monday Ukraine: Defenders of Ukraine Day
19 October Thursday Singapore: Deepavali
23 October Monday New Zealand: Labour Day
Thailand: Chulalongkoun Day
01 November Wednesday Luxembourg, Poland: All Saint`s Day
03 November Friday Japan: National Culture Day
06 November Monday Belarus: October Revolution Day
Russia: National Unity Day
07 November Tuesday Belarus: October Revolution Day
09 November Thursday Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan State Flag Day
13 November Monday Canada: Remembrance Day
17 November Friday Czech Republic: Struggle for Liberty and Democracy Day
20 November Monday Latvia: Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia
23 November Thursday USA: Thanksgiving Day
Georgia: St George`s Day
Japan: Labour Thanksgiving Day
01 December Friday Kazakhstan: Day of the First President
05 December Tuesday Thailand: King`s Birthday
11 December Monday Thailand: Constitution Day
18 December Monday Kazakhstan: Independance Day
19 December Tuesday Kazakhstan: Independence Day Holiday OBS
25 December Monday USA, Australia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, Latvia, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland,  Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden: Christmas Day
26 December Tuesday Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden: Boxing Day
South Africa: Day of Goodwill
Latvia: Second Christmas 
31 December Sunday Azerbaijan: International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis

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