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Investments in private equity

Private equity investing allows you to profit from the growth of non-public enterprises that are either rapidly expanding in the early stages of their lifecycles or planning to execute a strategic turnaround. Such companies may be companies of your choice or those offered by the Bank.


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Investment opportunities


Baltic International Bank offers an innovative investment calculator, a tool where you can get acquainted with the Bank's current offer and select and choose different investment products according to your interests, find out the key indicators, i.e. the expected return, terms, possible risks, as well as apply for a consultation with the Bank's investment specialist.






By its nature, private equity investing is well-suited for investors willing to compromise the short-term liquidity of their funds in favour of a much greater return potential compared to investments in more traditional financial instruments. Investor funds typically need to stay invested in portfolio companies for at least several years and thus may not be withdrawn on a short notice.


Investments can be made both into companies chosen by you or into companies operating in Latvia or abroad that have been carefully analysed and selected by the Bank.


The Bank undertakes to perform the transaction, provide legal support, and supervise and administer it until the end of the investment term. This entails analysing the financial position of the chosen company, payment discipline, and other material aspects of an investment transaction.


Private equity investing in Baltic International Bank


A possibility to receive a high rate of profit by investing into companies with  considerable growth potential


Investing in companies not widely available to other investors


Professional consultations and legal support of the Bank’s experts throughout the entire investment period


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