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Description of real estate

Jaundolini, Kekava Parish

Address Jaundolini, Krogsils, Kekava Parish, Kekava Municipality
Area 16 900 sq m
Cadastral No. 80700071212
Price EUR 75 000
Contacts (+371) 6700 0444
Real property

Jaundolini, Krogsils, Kekava Parish, Kekava Municipality, cadastral No. 80700071212, which includes a land unit with a total area of 16,900 sq m.

Location of the real property

Located in the northern part of Ķekava, in the settlement of Krogsils, about 1.5 km east of the Balozi city border and about 0.5 km west of the A7 motorway (Riga – Bauska – Grentale).




Characteristics of the land plot

The topography of the land unit is gently rolling. The land unit is crossed by a drainage ditch. The north-western edge of the land unit at a front of about 95 m borders an unpaved access road. In other directions, the land unit borders agricultural and forest areas and undeveloped low-rise land units with a similar land area. The land plot without permanent buildings and structures is covered with grass and shrubs.

According to the data of the Cadastre Information System, the following purpose of use has been established for the real property: undeveloped land for the construction of individual residential buildings.

The groundwater level in the wells was established at a depth of 0.2 m. The upper part of the Quaternary geological section consists of low-bearing capacity soil (peat). The peat thickness ranges from 1.6 m to 2.6 m.


Connection to utility systems

Electricity, centralised water supply and sewerage are available for the land plot, but not yet connected.

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