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Baltic International Bank: Euro Changeover Completed Successfully

News - January 7, 2014

Baltic International Bank has successfully completed the euro changeover. On 1 January, euro-denominated financial products became available to Bank’s customers.

Lats-denominated holdings in Bank’s accounts (including overdraft loans), loans and deposits were converted, at the fixed exchange rate, automatically during the night of the changeover (1 January 2014, 00 hrs 00 min). Immediately after the changeover, Bank’s cardholders were able to pay in euro without any hindrance. 

While commenting on the changeover process, the Chairperson Ilona Gulchak emphasized:  „We’re glad that the changeover has proceeded smoothly and rapidly. We’re pleased that we were able to ensure qualitative and uninterrupted service for our customers, largely due to our professional and qualified staff members. Special thanks to them!”

You can see all converted amounts in the Internet Banking environment; if you have any questions, please contact your private banker.

It will be possible to exchange lats for euros at 0.702804 Lats/Euro (€1 = LVL 0.702804) at Bank’s teller desk within 6 months. Deadline: 30 June 2014. Please give Bank a three-day prior notice of you want to convert the amount exceeding 3 000 at any one time.

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