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Comment by Council Chairperson of Baltic International Bank Valeri Belokon published in prestigious ezines The Truman Doctrine Blog and Blogactiv.eu.

News - January 10, 2014

To comment the ongoing processes and their relationship to the economic development in Ukraine and Central Asia, the Chairperson the Council and the main shareholder of Baltic International Bank Valeri Belokon has published his article in prestigious ezines The Truman Doctrine Blog and Blogactiv.eu wherein he focuses on the importance of education and corporate social responsibility (CSR) for paving a pathway to independence and prosperity of the countries.

In his comment, Valeri Belokon emphasizes: „But however this crisis plays out, the country’s ultimate success depends on more than just the economic support of one power or another. It depends on the ability of its own people to develop and sustain a thriving free market economy”.

“The Truman Doctrine Blog” is an ezine dedicated to the Truman Doctrine (a set of principles of U.S. foreign policy declared by U.S. President Harry S Truman in his address to Congress). The ezine is a platform for notable politicians, economists and public figures, including a Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, to write their comments on international social security as well as democracy and economic development.

Blogactiv.eu is a respectable and independent ezine (EU blog platform) dedicated to European affairs, both internal and external. It was launched in late 2008 with the objective to give the opportunity to Europeans to better engage online in the political debate on key European issues and is going to become the premier source for opinions, discussions and views. The authors include not only professional journalists, but also pro-active public figures and well-renowned industry professionals.

To read the full text, please visit: The Truman Doctrine Blog and Blogactiv.eu.

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