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New Appointments to the Bank’s Senior Management Team

News - February 4, 2008

In this role, her mission is to finalize a restructuring of the Bank’s operational areas. Those arrangements commenced as far back as 2005. Bank’s main objective is to provide a variety of financial services for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) according to private banking strategy.

„In the coming 3 to 5 years, we are planning to significantly grow our asset base and assets under management.  Our primary aims are, therefore, fund raising, development of new banking products and enhancements to existing products and services as well as optimization of the bank’s business processes in full compliance with the highest international standards. However, the realization of these ambitious goals requires huge investments in the bank’s business development (implementation of new technologies, heightening professional qualifications of our personnel, infrastructure enhancement). Therefore, this year just the increase in assets will be reckoned as a key performance indicator that will enable us to scale up the level of business profitability also during the coming years,” the newly elected Chairperson of the Board told about the future plans.

Currently, the bank operates in a stable manner, we have established a team of personnel and trained them to become experienced professionals -- and our good financial records are a clear testimony to this fact.

In his previous capacity as Chairperson of the Board, Valeri Belokon focused on two main areas: identification of directions for the bank’s strategic development and improvement of the bank’s two-tier governance structure. In future, the Board will promote the achievement of the bank’s aims and objectives and will continue to reinforce the bank’s positions within the financial services markets, both domestically and internationally.

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