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Baltic International Bank Honoured as Finalist in the Best Service Award

News - February 5, 2013

DigiPass for Mobile application unveiled by Bank in 2012 received high scores from the jury of the Gold Coin Competition. Bank is among the top 3 finalists named in the ‘Services for Corporate Clients’ category. The jury will elect and announce the winners in each of the 4 award categories by the end of February.

DigiPass for Mobile is a state-of-the-art alternative to a standard handheld DigiPass identifier used to authenticate the user’s identity when logging in to Internet Banking and to generate electronic signatures to be affixed to the documents. DigiPass for Mobile application runs on Apple iPhone or Apple iPad (iOS devices) as well as on Android-powered devices OS 2.1 and higher. The application is easy to use by everyone and brings convenience and enhanced security.

The Gold Coin Competition is organized by the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks to identify new, the most relevant and useful banking services and products and to encourage the development of innovative, technology-based solutions. 

26 Latvian banks submitted entries to take part in the competition. 11 banking products reached the final stage of the competition. From February 1st to February 14th, the Delfi.lv (a web portal) visitors are asked to vote on the product they consider best from each category. The product with the most votes will be given a special ‘Customer Recognition Award’.

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