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Baltic International Bank joins German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce

News - March 12, 2020

Baltic International Bank is pleased to join German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce (AHK) and become one of its nearly 500 members. The extensive experience of the Bank in providing customer-specific financial services and investment solutions based on the principles of the ESG will be particularly useful for members and partners. The activities of Baltic International Bank in AHK will help to strengthen local business development and promote sustainability issues identified in the Bank's goals.

AHK has been the first contact point for more than twenty years for all involved in economic cooperation between Germany and the Baltic States. The fundamental knowledge resources of AHK on the German market are useful for any economic operator in the Baltic region who wants to start or expand its business in Germany. German businesses, who want to learn more about the market in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, with the help of the AHK, find the best place to realise their project in the Baltic States.

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