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“Baltic International Bank Latvian Barometer”: Public Mood More Optimistic

News - March 16, 2017

The latest “Baltic International Bank Latvian Barometer” study has found that the public mood has become more optimistic. Indices have significantly improved in the assessment of the present and future. Furthermore, people have also become more positive towards the work of the government, as well as regarding prospects of finding a good job.

Results of the study show that, compared to December, in January respondents had a more positive outlook on the current economic situation in Latvia. The index has increased by five points from -35 to -30. Likewise, people’s forecasts as to the economic situation in Latvia a year from now are also up by three index points – from -9 to -6.

In December, respondents strongly criticised the work of the government, with the assessment plunging by 11 points, however, results of the study show that, in January, public dissatisfaction has lessened. The assessment of the work of the government has improved by nine points, nevertheless the majority (77%) of respondents are still dissatisfied with the work of the government, whereas only 15% said they were content with it.

In turn, public outlook on prospects of finding a good job show more positive changes. Every month respondents have been pessimistic about their chances of finding a good job in Latvia, however, in January this indicator has finally improved, and is up by six index points.

The variable part of the study looked at people’s assessment of their current home, criteria for purchasing a home, as well as their opinion on using renewable resources in home maintenance. The results of the second part of the study will be published on 20 March.

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