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First professional experience: Baltic International Bank internships

News - March 21, 2012

In 2012, Baltic International Bank placed particular emphasis on educational programme specifically geared for future wealth heirs. Students enrolled in higher education (the children of our clients) are offered to attend the two-week banking internship. Launched for the first time in 2011, the programme gained huge popularity among the students. 

 “The internship programme has been devised as part of Bank’s lifestyle management service and according to the strategy and philosophy pursued by the family-office bank. We concentrate our attention on educating the wealth heirs financially. “Welfare of our clients and growing the family fortune generation over generation is of utmost importance for the bank,” Bank’s Customer Service Director Irena Skobeleva said. “For graduates and students scheduled to obtain their diplomas of higher education (DipHE), it is vital to gain relevant practical international work experience. The knowledge gained through this experience is priceless for their further development. A two-week general or special-purpose internship programme with Bank is an excellent opportunity to accumulate the first hands-on experience within the prestigious organisation.”

Depending on individual interests and preferences of each internee, Bank arranges two types of internship. A general internship programme enables the internees to see our work from the inside, while a special-purpose internship programme is aligned with the specialisation track (the chosen area of specialisation) such as securities or investments.

Internships are individually tailored to suit each student’s specific background and theoretical knowledge. Internship periods vary case-by-case. However, autumn and spring internships are most favoured.  Upon completion of their internship, the internees are issued the Internship Completion Certificates. The Certificate proves that the individual has acquired essential career-enhancing skills both theoretically and at practical level.   

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