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Baltic International Bank Grants Support to the Roman Catholic Curia of Riga Metropolis

News - March 24, 2016

Baltic International Bank is a long-time supporter of the Roman Catholic Curia of Riga Metropolis and on the eve of Easter the bank has once again granted financial support to the Roman Catholic Curia of Riga Metropolis.

“Easter is one of the main celebrations in the Christian world and during this time many of us not only rejoice in the arrival of spring but also reflect on spiritual matters. In the light of the recent events around the world and in Europe it is clear that it is increasingly important to strengthen spirituality and we are happy for the opportunity to support the church in Latvia,” Valerijs Belokons, Chairman of the Council of Baltic International Bank, says.

Baltic International Bank has been cooperating with the Roman Catholic Curia of Riga Metropolis since 2012.

By encouraging development of spiritual values in Latvia, Baltic International Bank is also a long-time supporter of Latvian literature by showing its support to Latvian Literature Awards – the main literature event of the year in Latvia – for the second consecutive year. In preparation to the centenary of the Republic of Latvia in 2018 the bank has launched a special programme for the support of various country scale events and projects.

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