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Documentary operations

News - March 25, 2009

Taking into account the current economic situation, most clients of Baltic International Bank (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) are renegotiating the terms and conditions of settling accounts with their business partners. While financial resources are getting pricier globally and additional assurances of payment are highly necessary, the use of documentary payment instruments and trade finance methods enables the Bank’s clients to optimize profits earned on transactions and to substantially minimize risks involved in foreign trade activities. 

In view of the nature of business activities carried by our clients and specific nature of each particular transaction, the Bank’s specialists are prepared to develop customized payment and settlement schemes designed to maximally protect customer interests. Every single service rendered as part of a documentary operation, offers a definite solution to the business. A unique combination of documentary operations and trade finance is the best way to ensure a successful outcome of cross-border trade transactions.

Those clients who are unwilling to choose an advance payment option - because an advance payment is a quite risky transaction - prefer using a documentary collection. Documentary collections significantly reduce the risk of non-payment for goods supplied and bring ease and simplicity of use. Documentary letters of credit allow our clients to mitigate virtually all the risks encountered in international trade transactions. To foster and enhance mutual confidence between partners, the Bank’s clients use bank guarantees.  Bank guarantee is the most flexible financial tool that can be tailored specifically for any type of contract and can be used to hedge against various risks. Trade finance facilitates access to capital whenever our clients do not possess sufficient resources and do not want to tie up a large portion of their working capital.

Documentary operations used in mutual settlements are governed by the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce and therefore assure legal protection to both the importer and the exporter.

If you wish to know more about the advantages and benefits of documentary operations and trade finance, please contact your private banker or click on the link to refer to the documentary operations related information.

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