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Two Bank-submitted entries to participate in the „Gold Coin 2014” competition advanced for the final round

News - March 27, 2014

To popularise bank-launched innovative and useful products and services, the Association of Commercial Banks of Latvia (ACBL) arranges the „Gold Coin 2014” competition for second consecutive year. The both Bank-submitted entries have been advanced by the jury for the final round of the competition. The Bank presents its service "Deposit 33" in the ‘Export of financial services’ category and project "Conference dedicated to Baltic International Bank’s 20-year anniversary and bringing together world-level experts" in the ‘Sustainability Solutions’ category.

Taking into account an ever-growing customer demand for higher liquidity of their investments, in 2013 Bank rolled out a new deposit programme specifically intended for those who are interested in a product characterised by liquidity higher than that of standard deposits. According to the provisions of "Deposit 33", a depositor may withdraw the full amount by giving Bank a 33-day prior notice of the withdrawal. Unlike a current account or a savings account, the deposit earns a stable income. Moreover, the deposit offers a far higher rate than a standard one-month deposit.

The purpose of the conference dedicated to Bank’s 20-year anniversary was to bring together clients, business partners and world-level experts to discuss global problems that affect the whole society and enhance social responsibility of HNWIs. Bank-invited expert, Professor Ian Goldin, offered an opportunity to discuss the new world order. The aftermath of the recent global financial crisis inspires the society to rethink its core values and think about the surging social inequality. All over the world, wealthy people are in the public spotlight. Unfortunately, it is widely believed that the rich are the root of all problems. Throughout the conference, it was, however, emphasised that HNWIs bear social responsibility to the society in general. Their investment decisions affect not only a small circle of the persons involved but also society as a whole. Also, the decisions can bolster efforts to develop the economy and boost job creation.

The best services will be given awards in each of the four award categories, such as ‘Service for private and legal persons’, ‘Export of financial services’, ’Sustainability Projects’, and  ‘Customer Recognition Award’.

The Delfi.lv (a web portal) visitors will be voting to choose among the 9 jury-selected finalists. The voting will end on 31 March. The product with the most votes will be given a special ‘Customer Recognition Award’. To vote for your favourite, please click here.

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