Baltic International Bank Launches Special Jubilee Offer: 20-Percent-Plus Yield on Your Deposit

News - April 2, 2013

To mark Bank’s forthcoming 20-year Jubilee, we announce a special promotion for our customers.

It’s not just a way of rewarding clients for their loyalty displayed during the twenty-year period. It’s also a chance for us to offer you something special. We are delighted to offer you a lucrative opportunity to enjoy the benefit of 20 percent higher yield for all standards deposits with a maturity length of 1 year or more, denominated in Euros, U.S. Dollars and British Pounds Sterling. Deposits opened between 1 April and 30 June will earn interest income as follows: 

  • EUR   - up to 2.7   percent per annum

  • USD   - up to 2.34 percent per annum

  • GBP   - up to 3.36 percent per annum

Please contact your private banker for more details.

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