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Baltic International Bank encourges clients to use financila services on pre–aranged basis or remotley

News - April 6, 2021

Due to measures dedicated to restrict Covid-19 in Latvia, starting April 7, 2021, Baltic International Bank encourages our clients  to use remote financial services and conduct your financial transactions remotely as much as possible. In-person customer service will be provided by prior appointment.


Remote customer service

We have already widely and deeply integrated remote services into our working practices, thus enabling you to manage your finances and to access your accounts and transactions within a 24-hour period from anywhere. Use the most convenient channel for remote communication with the Bank:

  • Internet Banking facility
  • Email (to communicate with your private banker)
  • Phone-based remote customer service: +371 6700 0444
  • Info email address: info@bib.eu


Information for vault attendants 

To access your safe deposit box, you should pre-arrange your visit. Please contact your private banker to schedule the appointment.

During this period, please visit Bank’s vault only if you really need to access your locker and you cannot therefore reschedule or postpone the visit.


Thank you in advance for your understanding.


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