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UK Ambassador Richard Moon Makes a Private Visit to Baltic International Bank

News - April 9, 2009

2 April 2009 British H.M. Ambassador to Latvia Richard Moon and Senior Market Adviser of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) Sanita Bankava made a private visit to Baltic International Bank at the invitation of Deputy Chairperson of the Board Natalya Tkachenko.

Honourable guests were welcomed in the Bank’s new office located on Grēcinieku iela 6. During the meeting, the Bank’s shareholder Valeri Belokon and Deputy Chairperson of the Board Natalya Tkachenko introduced to representatives of British Embassy the policy of the Bank and its future plans. Participants of the meeting shared their vision on business development possibilities under present-day conditions and expressed their willingness to share and exchange experiences and information.

In the course of excursion in the Bank’s office, delegation from British Embassy was given some insight into the history of the building, its reconstruction process and implemented architectural and decorative solutions.  

The Management of Baltic International Bank expressed their sincere gratitude to British H.M. Ambassador Richard Moon and hope to continue the initiated dialogue concerning development possibilities of cooperation as well as sharing experiences and information between British Embassy to Latvia and Baltic International Bank.

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