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Baltic International Bank is launching a new model of tactical allocation of financial instruments portfolios

News - April 13, 2017

As part of the implementation of our new strategy in our investment advisory business, we are excited to launch a line of highly-efficient index-based investment solutions that complement our diverse existing active offerings. These products present investment portfolio strategies with a high level of diversification across assets, industries, and asset classes, as well as low fees and high transparency. The quasi-passive approach we employ allows us to benefit from both increased economies of scale and our renowned client orientation to deliver superior value for our clients in a changing environment.

The three investment strategies developed in-house by the experts of Baltic International Bank are designed to suit different levels of desired risk and return: Conservative, Balanced, and Aggressive. In constructing these strategies, we focus on two highly-important choices: strategic and tactical allocation. The strategic allocation reflects our views of the major asset classes’ long-term term contributions to risk and return of a portfolio and their potential to meet the goals of an individual client. The tactical allocation mirrors our views about the current market landscape and key trends and is a product of a careful analysis by our investment team. We see smart strategic allocations as key to meeting our clients’ long-term financial goals and tactical allocation as a useful tool to navigate the complex market environment to maximise the value we create for our clients.

The broad asset classes include:

  • Equities in developed (the US, Europe, Japan) and emerging markets (EM).
  • Investment-grade and high-yield bonds of US, European, and EM issuers.
  • Real assets including commodities (energy, industrial metals, precious metals, and agricultural goods) and real estate & infrastructure.
  • Cash.

A Conservative portfolio is appropriate for an investor whose top priorities are ensuring capital preservation and earning a moderate rate of return on investment, while minimising the short run volatility of the portfolio’s value. 

A Balanced portfolio is appropriate for investors seeking to pursue higher-return opportunities and standing ready to bear moderate short-term volatility.

An Aggressive portfolio is appropriate for investors expecting high potential long-run returns and are able to accept significant short-term volatility.

Our investment experts will help you select the strategy that suits you best, ensuring that the resulting portfolio is:

  • In line with your financial goals and your experience of dealing with financial instruments.
  • Consistent with your desired level of risk.

Our team will professionally manage your portfolio, analyse financial markets, identify and act on key market trends, and inform you about the factors behind our investment decisions, your portfolio’s performance, and other relevant matters. You will regularly receive reports on the performance of your individual portfolio of financial instruments.

Please get in touch with your private banker for more detailed information about the opportunities of investing your assets in the portfolios offered by Baltic International Bank.

Investment services, including deposits in financial instruments, are associated with risks described in the document "Description of Financial Instruments and Inherent Risks".

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