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Baltic International Bank Attends Major Client Services Conference

News - April 17, 2012

The third annual “Wealth Management & Private Banking: Russia & CIS” conference is beginning in Moscow today, April 17. It is the largest conference for the private banking services sector in the Baltic States and the CIS which traditionally brings together professionals and experts from the sector. 

Baltic International Bank Board member Ilze Lase was appointed last year as board chairperson of BIB subsidiary SIA BIB Consulting, which was set up to develop advisory services.  As an expert of the field she was invited to make a presentation at the Moscow conference titled “The Role of a Bank in Structuring and Protecting Client Assets.”Ilze Lase will review the main aspects of partnerships between banks and clients – confidentiality requirements, transparency in client transactions, specifics of taxation, etc.

“Banks today play a central role in managing capital flows, and over the past decade, financial institutions in particularly have received larger client finance flows, as well as more oversight of their operations,” says Ilze  Lase.  “Under such circumstances, it is not just a new business opportunity for banks to defend and structure the assets of their clients, but also a true necessity.  The bank becomes more than just a service provider; it is a trusted partner in the long term, and that means that it is of key importance to observe all aspects of interaction between the client and the bank so as to create foundations for fully trustworthy relations between the two sides.”

The three-day conference will feature presentations from specialists of more than 45 major banks, law firms, investment firms and other companies.  Key topics this year include major capital investments, tax planning, risk management, analysis of types of lending, the development of the private banking sector in the region, and alternative capital investment opportunities.

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