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Latvian National Art Museum to Provide Visitors with a Modern Mobile App in Cooperation with Baltic International Bank

News - April 29, 2016

PictureBaltic International Bank has become the patron of the Latvian National Art Museum ('the LNAM') for the period of development until 2018, and the first project implemented as part of this cooperation is a new app. 

The new mobile app, developed by the LNAM and Baltic International Bank in cooperation with CUBE Mobile, will be available for download for museum visitors starting from 4 May. The new app, available free of charge in the Latvian, Russian and English language versions, will serve as an interactive guide introducing visitors of the museum to the exhibition and the unique architecture of the building.

Mrs Ilona Guļčaka, Chairperson of the Board of Baltic International Bank, tells more about it: "A modern and accessible museum of art is the national pride of every country. In the modern era, having a modern and interactive mobile app that enables visitors of the museum to get additional information and new impressions is just as important. Baltic International Bank is pleased to start cooperation with the LNAM, specifically by promoting the development of a mobile app, and we are proud that together we have created one of the most sophisticated mobile apps of art museums across Europe."

The attention of the app users will be turned to various details presenting visitors of the museum with an exciting story through various activities and levels of cognition. The app will provide 4 museum routes complemented with audio recordings and interactive game elements. Thanks to modern technology, users of the app will be able to discover the composition and features of several works of art by themselves in an interactive way. The design of the app is light and pleasant to use.

Mr Mārtiņš Dambis
, Head of CUBE Mobile, comments the museum app: "I think that instead of being merely an event at Latvian level, the opening of the renovated LNAM building is an event of an international scale; we have yet another jewel to be proud of. The museum has become more accessible to the public and visiting it is a pleasure. We wanted to capture this feeling and embody it in the app: our goal was to create an elegant and convenient guide competing with the world's most prominent art museum apps in a convincing way. In terms of content we paid particular attention not only to the facts but also to the aspect of entertaining the visitors so that the masterpieces would become more personal and understandable for any visitor. My favourite is the augmented reality option of the app which enables discovering the historic wall paintings that were discovered quite accidentally during the restoration works."

The mobile app takes visitors along 4 museum exhibition routes: "Explore the museum building", "Highlights", "Full Guided Tour" and "The Current Exhibition": the solo exhibition of Miervaldis Polis titled "Illusion as Reality".

The section Getting to Know the Museum Building makes visitors travel in space and time. It provides interesting facts about the history of the building and enables, with the help of the augmented reality option, exploring those architectural features that were discovered during the reconstruction works. This route was created with the intention of causing visitors of the museum as well as its potential visitors to reflect, analyze and get involved.

 Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture

Two routes – the short tour titled Highlights and the long tour titled Full Guided Tour – are offered to visitors to explore the new permanent exhibition of the museum titled "Latvian art. The 19th–20th Centuries". Together both these routes include descriptions of more than 30 works of art from the permanent museum exhibition which are also available in an audio version. They include examples of painting explained by means of an interactive solution: the mobile app detects them in the environment and the story about the work of art is complemented, by means of additional detail, with interesting facts to create joy and understanding of art in visitors of the museum.

Route 4 represents the variable part of the offer; it was developed for exhibitions displayed in the Big Exhibition Hall. The first exhibition, featuring suggestions by its curator regarding the viewing of the exhibition, is Illusion as Reality, a solo exhibition of Miervaldis Polis, an outstanding classic of the Latvian contemporary art.

In addition to the routes, practical information will also be available to help app users to plan a visit to the museum.

The new app will be available from the most popular mobile app download sites, App Store and Google Play, starting from 4 May.

Visitors of the museum without a mobile device supporting the app will be able to try the app at the museum by hiring a mobile device during their visit to the museum. Mobile apps for use by visitors during their visit to the museum will be provided by LG Electronics Latvia.

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