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Baltic International Bank: The First Youth Session

News - May 31, 2012

In May, Baltic International Bank held its Annual Conference in Riga. The theme of this year’s conference was “Family Business Continuity and Bringing-Up New Generation”. For the first time, the programme included Youth Session specifically intended for promising young entrepreneurs.

“For our clients, ensuring family business continuity is among today’s primary concerns. Therefore, a get-together --organised around the central theme-- with our young clients was particularly important to us,” said the Chairperson of the Council Valeri Belokon. “Notably, the young participants think that passing down a family-accumulated experience and knowledge is very essential because these underlying values determine the family’s success for many generations. Not surprisingly, interests pursued by our second-generation clients coincide with the bank’s aim to build up long-standing relationships where generation continuity is of overarching value.”  


Chairperson of the Council of Baltic International Bank Valeri Belokon and the participants of the first youth session

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