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Gold Investment Program of Baltic International Bank has been supplemented

News - June 17, 2009

In an effort to protect the interests of our valued customers we are supplementing our Gold Investment Program. Baltic International Bank offers to use bullion account as a tool to protect and diversify assets as well as to settle transfers between the Bank’s customers.

If payments are settled in gold, the balance of the account will show in troy ounces. You may convert the precious metal gold into one of the currencies in which the bank deals, and vice versa. Also, you may transfer a certain amount (a weight expressed in troy ounces) of the metal from your account to other customer’s account with the Bank.

You may choose to sell  your gold in physical form-bars or may be exchangeable into the cash equivalent of the gold.


Wealth protection and preservation; Asset diversification; Cost optimization in purchasing gold; Flexible buying option: you are free to determine the quantities (weight) you need; Bullion withdrawal option that best suits you.

No minimum lot size shall be required, if you open bank account to hold your precious metals and to make payments.

For more detailed information on Gold Investment Program’s terms and conditions please contact your private banker.

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