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Baltic International Bank to Expand the Management Board Composition

News - June 21, 2017

The Supervisory Board of Baltiс International Bank has decided to expand the composition of the Management Board of the Bank by appointing Anda Saukāne to the post of member of the Management Board.

The Management Board of Baltic International Bank consists of 5 persons: Ilona Guļčaka is Chairperson of the Management Board, and Mārtiņš Neibergs, Alons Nodelmans, Bogdans Andruščenko and Anda Saukāne are members of the Management Board.

Anda Saukāne started building his career at the Baltic International Bank in 2012, performing the duties of a tax consultant. Since 2013 Anda Saukāne has been performing duties of head of Information department and since March 2017 duties of head of Security department. Before Anda Saukāne took position in Baltic International Bank her career was related to the Customs Criminal department of LR State revenue Service.

Anda Saukāne, Member of the Management Board of Baltic International Bank, owns no voting shares of Baltic International Bank.

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