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Baltic International Bank Gets Involved in the Climate Cup

News - June 25, 2015

To implement the strategy and vision of long-term activity, the Bank has joined the international initiative, i.e. the European Enterprises Climate Cup (EECC), the main objective of which is introduction and implementation of energy efficiency measures on a day-to-day basis.

Within the framework of the corporate social responsibility vision, the Bank has developed the Environmental Policy aimed at preserving the natural ecosystem and biodiversity in the environment.

‘We would like to emphasise that we are a sustainable Bank that ensures customer-tailored and socially responsible capital management services by providing high-quality services and taking care of society. Participation in this project is one of the activities implemented by us within the framework of measures of our corporate social responsibility vision. It will help us monitor electricity consumption in the Bank and understand what measures must be taken for the improvement of energy efficiency’, points out Ilona Guļčaka, Chairperson of the Board of Baltic International Bank.

The Climate Cup is an EU-level initiative supported in all participating countries. It includes implementation of comprehensive energy efficiency measures on a day-to-day basis, i.e. changing behaviour and habits, introducing technologies and implementing green purchases.

Within the framework of the project, a competition is held for SMEs in terms of introduction of the energy efficiency measures that will end in August 2016. Enterprises from Ireland, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Malta, Latvia and Germany participate in this competition. The winners will be decided both at the national and international level. The Climate Cup partners in Latvia are enterprises Ekodoma and Latvenergo.

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