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Shareholder of the Bank Participated in the International Forum of World Leaders

News - July 2, 2009

The Tällberg Forum 2009 took place in Sweden from 24 to 30 June. Having been invited as an honoured guest, the major shareholder of the Baltic International Bank Valery Belokon participated in the Forum. 

Every year over 400 leaders from different industries gather in Tällberg, little Swedish town. In plenary sessions, workshops and conversations, participants search for the pathway out of the challenges set by the globalising world and concerned environmental, social and political issues.

Under the theme of the forum – “How on earth can we live together, within the planetary boundaries?” – leaders from business and politics, thinkers, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs addressed issues of global crisis and common interest, through conversation, reflection and working sessions. International community considers common interests and the urgency of the problem to be the main drivers for uniting world leaders to build a common understanding and find solutions. Today, global crisis is spreading to economic, political, social and ecological sectors. Although nations have different preferences, the emerging pathway out of the many challenges of today must be in interests of the whole, consider the organizers of the Forum.

For years, the Tällberg process has led the search for a better understanding of global change and emerging consequences of financial, economic, political, social and environmental risks in the global system. The task at hand is to improve the prospects of a successful transition to a global development that can become truly sustainable.

You can find the detailed information about the Tällberg Forum on the website www.tallbergfoundation.org

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