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Bank Launches SMS Facility to Its Payment Card Holders

News - August 3, 2009

To enhance the safety of card transactions and to minimise the risks associated with the loss/ theft of your card or card fraud, we launch SMS facility with effect from 3 August 2009. You are kindly offered to avail of the benefits of the service. 

Through this service, you will be able to obtain card transaction reports. The Bank will send the following card related information to your mobile phone:

Date and venue of the authorized card transaction; Transaction amount and currency; Authorization outcome, either a successful or failed (the reason for a failed  authorization); Card account balance after the transaction.

To receive your card related information, please send your inquiry via SMS to +371 2022 0016 and indicate the appropriate code composed of three letters and the last four digits of your card number (ХХХХ): 

Account balance information: BAL ХХХХ; Card transaction report covering the last 5 transactions: TRX ХХХХ.

SMS facility operates 24 hours a day and enables you to obtain the required information on a prompt basis at any time you wish. 

To make the SMS facility available to you and for additional helpful information, please contact your private banker.   

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