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Baltic International Bank bonds admitted to official listing on Nasdaq

News - August 12, 2015

On 12 August 2015, Bank’s bonds have been for the first time admitted to official stock-exchange listing on Nasdaq OMX Riga and quoted on the Nasdaq Baltic Bond List. In honour of this notable event, the Chairperson of the Board Ilona Gulchak has rung the bell to signify the start of the day’s trading session.

Nasdaq New York welcomes Baltic International Bank to Nasdaq Baltic
„We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far. The official listing on Nasdaq OMX Riga presents strong evidence of Bank’s overall stability and openness to investors. The listing of the corporate bonds will significantly boost our brand awareness and visibility internationally and will enable Bank to take advantage of the vast benefits offered by public market. Our clients enjoy the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios and gain a more profitable alternative to their deposits,” Ilona Gulchak has emphasised.

Three bond issues launched under Bond Offering Programme No 2 have the following features:  1-year bonds for a total value of US$ 2.1 million, a fixed rate of 1.6%; 2-year bonds for a total value of US$ 2.3 million, a fixed rate of 2.1%; 2-year bonds for a total value of EUR 2.25 million, a fixed rate of 1.8%. The total amount of the three issues is EUR 10 million.

In October 2014, Bank successfully closed its Bond Offering Programme No 1 for the issue of bonds totalling EUR 20 million. Overall, Bank launched 13 bond issues. The bonds have one- and two-year maturities and are denominated in euro and U.S. dollars.


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