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Bank’s Representatives Join Latvia’s President on Official Visit to Azerbaijan

News - August 14, 2009

August 10 through 13, Latvia’s President officially visited Azerbaijan. A delegation of businessmen from Latvia travelled together with the President’s team members to meet with Azerbaijan’s entrepreneurs and negotiate the cooperation opportunities. The Bank’s Board member Dinars Kolpakovs and Customer Service Director Irena Skobeleva  were among the delegation.

During the negotiations, Latvia and Azerbaijan’s delegations defined several economic areas in which it is possible to promote cooperation in the future. Among such cooperation spheres there were mentioned food industry, agricultural industry, IT, tourism, aviation, logistics, banking sector, and some other spheres.

„Taking in consideration that Azerbaijan has a great potential for financial sector development, the main goal of Baltic International Bank representatives during the visit was to take a closer look at political and economic environment of the region through meeting with the authorities, businessmen and financial specialists from Azerbaijan”, Dinars Kolpakovs concluded. “No doubt, a few days are not enough to explore in depth such an interesting and picturesque region, its culture, business and traditions. However, the programme of the official visit and business negotiations made us believe that there is potential for mutually beneficial business, both now and in the future, as long as we stay focused on representing and promoting business interests of our existing clients,” Client Service Director Irena Skobeleva said after returning home.

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