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Bonds in Focus

News - August 25, 2010

Last year witnessed a heightened interest towards fixed-income financial instruments like bonds. We therefore intend to keep our clients informed of important events and the latest bond market news on a regular basis.  

Currently, low interest rates are being paid on deposits. Against this background, long-term investing in bonds offers a number of benefits, such as the opportunity to earn a higher yield, to be free to choose a tolerable risk (a desired level of risk exposure) and to transfer the bonds to third-party accounts. Bond investors are able to project future cash flows. At the same time, they retain the possibility to round-off the transaction (by selling the bonds at the then-current market price) prematurely without being charged penalty fees.  

Sticking to the philosophy “our customer interests come first” and taking into account the activity of the bond market, from now on we will keep you updated with everything new and relevant in the bond market segment. You are kindly invited to visit our website (click News).  

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