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Baltic International Bank: Consulting Services In Focus

News - September 12, 2011

Baltic International Bank continues to develop its advisory and consulting segment. In the beginning of September, the bank has established BIB Consulting, a new subsidiary undertaking whose principal areas of expertise encompass professional legal advice, asset protection services, taxation and tax planning issues.

“We aim at providing a comprehensive package of services to best suit the individual needs of our customers. It is a basic truism that wealth management requires a very prudent and wise approach to make well-weighted decisions. Therefore, we are ready to put our own experience and the experience of our long-standing partners to foster long-term financial stability and prosperity of the customers and their families,” says Ilze Lase, a Board member of the newly-established consulting firm and the Advisory Service Director at Baltic International Bank.

At BIB Consulting, the entire advisory package has been specifically designed to meet the diverse interests of our customers and embraces various aspects affecting the safety of family wealth, such as protection of the assets against the inherent risks, assistance in asset structuring, and expert guidance for effective tax planning. In addition, the firm provides a broad range of transaction-related legal advice; delivers assistance with legal paperwork, Latvia-issued and EU residence permits, completion of income tax returns; covers issues related to inheritance & wealth transfer (that is getting more important as your wealth grows) and renders other relevant services.

The bank’s vast network of partners and international-level experience enable us to provide high-quality consultancy services both for EU nationals and Non-EU nationals (coming from Russia, Ukraine, and other countries). As our customer, you receive professional support and substantially save your time that would otherwise have been spent on finding the right professional help, especially in those cases involving customers seeking aid while in a foreign country. A deep understanding of a customer’s individual situation and a mutually trustful relationship allow the bank to identify the most appropriate solution.

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