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5 Bank’s support directions

News - September 22, 2019

Baltic International Bank is one of the most prominent and long-standing supporters of the cultural processes, science and sustainable entrepreneurship in Latvia. In 2018 Bank has supported various and versatile initiatives, – we engaged in and supported projects of social nature; initiatives to preserve cultural and historical values; projects for creating original literature and encouraging people to read; family and tradition-oriented projects, as well as initiatives for promoting healthy lifestyle.

Social Initiatives

Support to Zālītes boarding school

Baltic International Bank and its employees participate and support various charity actions every year. This time Bank’s employees gave joy to the children of the Zālītes boarding school. In frame of the charity campaign “Gift a smile to the child” Bank donated clothing and footwear, games and sports equipment, as well as many other things necessary for the children. 

Support to “Ulubele”

Bank’s employees donated things necessary for the wellbeing and life of the animals in the animal shelter “Ulubele”. Visit to the shelter in one spring Saturday generated positive emotions and made us to think what we can do to promote kindness and care for the animals. 

Donor’s Day

Donor’s Day is an important event not only for the Latvia, but Bank as well. One donated dose of blood helps three people and since Donor’s Day is organised in the Baltic International Bank, during the last two years we have been able to help with donated blood 121 person.

Preservation of Culturally Historical and Spiritual Values

Support to the publishing of book Family Coats of Arms

Bank’s Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Shareholder Valeri Belokon is the initiator of the heraldry edition – Family Coats of Arms in Contemporary Latvia. Unique heraldry edition is a compilation of more than 70 house coats of arms of Latvian families, including families of former President of Latvia Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, renowned personalities - Justs Karlsons, Ivars Jakovels, Valters Kronbergs, Valeri Belokon, Bīriņu, Peniķes families and many others. Project is organised with the support and involvement of the Bank and Ministry of Culture.

Support to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Riga

Committed to promoting spiritual values in Latvia’s society, Baltic International Bank have been supporting the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Riga over a number of years. We are confident that nowadays it is essential to strengthen spiritual values in the modern global world.

Support to the Holy Family House

Holy Family House is a multifunctional family support centre allowing the families with children, adults, seniors and disabled persons to receive spiritual, psychological and educational support, integrating Christian values into the society.

Original Literature and Encouraging People to Read

Support to the Annual Latvian Literary Award

Annual Latvian Literary Award (LaLiGaBa) is the most significant event of the year in the literature industry in Latvia, providing professional evaluation of  literary works and expressing recognition to the most outstanding one’s that have been published within a year in the Latvian literary world. In 2018, the Chairman of the Board of the Baltic International Bank Viktor Bolbat presented the Lifetime Award in the Latvian Literature to the Literary Historian Līvija Volkova.

Project "Bibliotēka", www.manabiblioteka.lv

In Autumn Baltic International Bank started a new, social initiative “Bibliotēka” (Library) that highlights the role of literature and books in the life of the person. In frame of the project, we offered public the possibility to see the contents of the library of highly renowned persons and watch their video stories how their family library was created, what effect the books leaved in their life. Project “Bibliotēka” highlights the connection between generations, and passing of experience and role of family in the personality formation with the help of books.

Family as a Value

Drawing Contest for Children

Succession is one of the values of Baltic International Bank – symbolising the importance of family. Children are our future, our possibility, therefore each year in the beginning of June we celebrate the International Children’s Day with Drawing Contest for Children with the main theme “Coin”. Children can express their creative skills and draw unique designs of coins.

Support to the book "Kā gūt panākumus Latvijā"

The book “Kā gūt panākumus Latvijā” (How to Prosper in Latvia) tells us about 14 outstanding Latvians who have accomplished great things in life and their inspiring success stories explaining that success is based on simple everyday steps. One of the success stories is a story of the businessperson and a motor sportsman and the son of the co-owner of Baltic International Bank Vilori Belokon – the story of passing family values and the courage to set and attain ambitious goals.

Support to the European Children’s Musical Centre and Riga Symphony

We are happy that a wonderful 25th year anniversary concert of the vocal school Pumpuriņi and Riga Symphony 2018 Gala Concert took place with the support of Baltic International Bank. We had an honour to present one of the Grand Prix Festival Awards to the best participant of the festival.

Healthy Lifestyle

Support to the society Dzintara līga

Supporting new generation of Latvian soccer players, Baltic International Bank provides financial contribution to develop the talent of young athletes. Young athletes are determined, full of energy and eager to succeed.

Support to Arturs Vaiders Foundation

International mass media soccer tournament Arturs Vaiders Cup takes place in Latvia for two years already. Soccer cup brings together the leading sports journalists of the Baltic’s who continue the work of Arturs Vaiders – promoting responsible sports journalism and soccer. Honouring memory of Arturs Vaiders and promoting active lifestyle, Baltic International Bank in cooperation contributes to the organising of this event.

Support to the participation of the employees in Lattelecom Marathon, Bank’s soccer team

Supporting the Lattelecom Riga Marathon and promoting active and healthy lifestyle, our team of 34 employees of the Baltic International Bank participated in the marathon. Taking part in the marathon has become the tradition of the Bank; every year around thirty sports’ enthusiasts of the Bank join other participants of the marathon. Part of them is also active members of the Baltic International Bank’s soccer team that celebrated its 15th Anniversary in 21 November 2018.

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