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Baltic International Bank Co-sponsors the Commercialization Reactor Forum

News - October 1, 2013

The Technology Promotion and Commercialization Workshop (7th Commercialization Reactor) will be held in Riga on 4 and 5 October. The event will be co-sponsored by Baltic International Bank.

The forum provides a platform for meeting of scientists and young entrepreneurs from the EU Member States and the CIS region, whose scientific ideas turn into successful businesses.  Over the past five years, 30 new enterprises have been established and raised EUR 2.8 million from investors.

„We are focused on establishing innovative and high-tech enterprises. The businesses are based on technologies such as nano, bio, and others,” says Nikolai Adamovich, Russian and European business angel and one of the implementers of the ISTC „Commercialization Reactor”. „Twice a year we thoroughly select the top-15 brilliant scientific ideas from Estonia, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Armenia and expose them to future entrepreneurs. Thereafter, the entrepreneurs together with our experts embark on commercializing the technological inventions.”

„Investors prefer investing in high-tech enterprises. Incorporation of such enterprises in Latvia is an extra advantage. Reasons behind this condition include an opportunity to enter the European Union’s internal market (also known as the single market), the presence of comparatively good infrastructure that is conducive for entrepreneurship, strong intellectual potential, the country’s advantageous geographic position, multi-language environment and Latvia’s open society. We provide support to the forum because the forum is viewed as an opportunity for Latvia to become a venue of interaction and co-operation between West and East and to boost the growth of a high value-added economy,” said the Chairperson of Bank’s Board Ilona Gulchak. 

To attend the forum to be held on 4 and 5 October, please visit website www.commercializationreactor.com to register.

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