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Special Proposal for Conversion of Money in Connection with the Changeover to the Euro

News - October 7, 2013

In view of a growing interest of our customers towards the forthcoming changeover date (1 January), we offer you to exchange for euros within the proper timeframe.

As of today, you can avail of our special offer. You can pay an unlimited amount of Lats-denominated banknotes and coins to your current account with Baltic International Bank without any fee. The amount paid-in and, if you wish, the money already held in the account can be exchanged for euros at 0.702804 Lats/Euro. This offer will be in effect for money to be placed into Deposit 33 or a standard deposit (3-month maturity and longer).

“Taking into account the client needs and wishes, we want to make the transition to the euro a convenient and smooth affair; a timely conversion of cash and non-cash funds will help you avoid unnecessary stress and meet the New Year in an excellent mood,” says a member of Bank’s Board Dinars Kolpakovs.

For more information, please contact your private bankers.

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