Baltic International Bank offers demand deposit “Open”

News - October 15, 2008

Baltic International Bank continues to expand the range of deposit programs and starting from 13 October offers demand (indefinite-term) deposit “Open”.


The main advantages of deposit „Open” are:

  • a possibility to invest money for a period most optimal for you,

  • unlimited possibilities to increase the deposited amount and receive interest income.

  • You may withdraw a part or all of the accrued funds by requesting the transfer of the required amount 7 days in advance.*

  • The deposit can be opened in various currencies: Lats, Euro and US Dollars.


The minimum deposit amount:

  • Private individuals – LVL 5 000, EUR 10 000, USD 10 000;

  • Legal entities – LVL 20 000, EUR 40 000, USD 40 000.

If you wish to sign „Open” deposit agreement or get more information, please, contact us in the Bank’s head office, located at 6 Grēcinieku, Riga, Latvia.


* In case you wish to withdraw requested amount earlier, the Bank ensures funds withdrawal, retaining a fee amounted to 0,5 % of the deposit amount and pay the interest amount.

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