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A collection of memoirs “My 20th Century” by Marina Kosteņecka has been published

News - November 1, 2019

This week, the Support Foundation of the National Library of Latvia (NLL) published a collection of memoirs of a columnist, writer and journalist Marina Kosteņecka which can be purchased in the Friends Room of the NLL. The books were published with the support of Baltic International Bank.

Marina Kosteņecka tells about her collection of memoirs: "These books are a portrait of Latvia reflecting the bright soul of people and their ability to unite regardless of nationality. This is a confirmation of my love for Latvia and gratitude to people. I give back to my community..."


Valeri Belokon, the main shareholder of Baltic International Bank, patron of Latvian literature: "These books are a fantastically valuable story about the latest history of Latvia based on personal experience, and their publication is an event in the Latvian book publishing industry. Four books in two languages will go to public libraries and be available to everyone."

I am thankful to Marina Kosteņecka for her great contribution into the building and uniting of the Latvian society
Valeri Belokon


In her speech at the event in honour of the publication of the books, the Head of Strategic Planning Department of Baltic International Bank Jekaterina Kuzņecova said: "Madam Kosteņecka, Latvia needs you. Your public standing, your ability to understand the mentality of people speaking different languages, diverse experience, your ability to speak the same language with both Latvians and Latvian Russians – all this is important for the unity of society, for creating common values, a sense of belonging to society. People want to see and hear you. You have things to tell them. They need you. Thank you so much and may you have the strength to keep going!"



Jekaterina Kuzņecova, head of Strategic Planning Department, Baltic International Bank
Minister of Culture of the Republic of Latvia Nauris Puntulis

Having published the extensive collection of memoirs, the Director of the Support Foundation of the NLL Karina Petersone emphasises: "We are very glad to have been the publishers of Marina Kosteņecka's books in Latvian and Russian. In our opinion, something very valuable and beautiful has been created. These books not only play a role in Marina’s own work, they add colour and taste to an era that many generations call their own. We are pleased to see Marina return to the public space because her presence and opinion are very important for society."

The collection consists of two books – "My 20th Century" and "Letters from the 20th Century" – in Latvian and Russian. The author calls it the work of her whole life, and in the books she shares her life story, memories of the most important events in the modern history of Latvia and unique evidence of the era – letters received from readers and supporters during the National Awakening (Atmoda). The co-author of the book "My 20th Century" is Georgs Stražnovs; the foreword to the book was written by Dainis Īvāns and Knuts Skujenieks. 

Photo gallery of the event held in honour of the publication of the collection of memoirs "My 20th Century" by Marina Kosteņecka.

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