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The Visit of Diplomatic Economic Club in Latvia

News - November 5, 2008

On Tuesday, 4 November 2008 the management of Baltic International Bank received a visit of members of the Diplomatic Economic Club, which participants are Russian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Canadian embassies in Latvia, and also Latvian business representatives.

The Bank’s representatives and guests’ meeting took place in the Bank’s new office, which is located in historical part of the city. Visitors got acquainted with the history of the Bank and building, where the head office of the Baltic International Bank is situated, told about main business principles and philosophy of the Bank in new financial services market conditions.

During the discussion various themes were considered - the world financial crisis and its impact on the economy of Latvia, regional and national approaches to address the issue of liquidity Latvian banks, attitudes towards possible proposals for reforming the global financial architecture, opinion on the expansion of a basket of the world's reserve currency.

The participants of the meeting showed interest regarding Bank’s developed customer relationship management in fluctuating market conditions.

At the end of the meeting the guests expressed their gratitude for the reception organized, in their turn, Baltic International Bank management thanked representatives of the diplomatic corps in Latvia for attention.

Diplomatic Economic Club was established in accordance with international experience and practical activities of foreign trade-economic, diplomatic missions. Its mission is to develop and strengthen mutually beneficial relations between the business people of Latvia, organisations and enterprises abroad.

Additional information on the website www.dec.lv

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