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Viktors Bolbats is the new member of Baltic International Bank Management Board

News - November 6, 2017

Starting from 3 November 2017, Viktors Bolbats takes the position of the Member of the Management Board, assuming the responsibility over Customer service and Asset management. Prior to this Viktors Bolbats held position as an Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board.

 Viktors Bolbats Baltic International Bank

Viktors Bolbats, Member of the Management Board of Baltic International Bank

“Baltic International Bank puts more efforts in developing Bank’s business in existing and new target markets, extending and diversifying the range of our services, as well as continuously improving customer service. In the journey towards set goals, both our long-standing experience in Latvia and other markets as well as strong team are important, therefore, I am pleased that another professional colleague – Viktors Bolbats has joined the Management Board of Baltic International Bank”, said Ilona Gulchak, Chairperson of the Management Board of Baltic International Bank.

Viktors Bolbats started to work at Baltic International Bank in September 2017 as the Advisor to the Chairperson of the Management Board. Before joining Baltic International Bank, Viktors Bolbats had held various senior positions at SEB banka, in the area of Corporate banking, over the past 8 years. V. Bolbats graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and earned his MBA from the Riga Business School.

With Viktors Bolbats joining the Management Board of Baltic International Bank, it now consists of the following members: Chairperson of the Management Board - Ilona Gulchak, members of the Management Board - Alons Nodelmans, Bogdans Andrushchenko, Anda Saukane and Viktors Bolbats. 

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