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Baltic International Bank Offers Savings Programme for Future Welfare of Children

News - November 8, 2012

In November, the Baltic International Bank is launching a renewed deposit programme for children – the Junior Deposit “Start-up”.  This allows people to accumulate start-up capital for the future welfare of their children, doing so on the basis of more advantageous terms.  The new terms involve higher interest rates on deposits, and profitability will now depend on the age of the child in whose name the deposit has been arranged.  The sooner the parents open the account, the greater the profitability will be.

“Services for next-generation clients are of particular importance in our range of products, and as a family bank we always try to take care of the welfare of our clients’ children,” says the Baltic International Bank client services director, Irena Skobeleva.  “The ‘Start-up’ deposit for children will help to ensure that by the time the child attains majority, there will be sufficient capital to launch or develop a business, for instance.  We believe that investments in the future of children are one of the most effective types of investments in all, and in the long term, they pay off several times over.”

The “Start-up” account can be opened in euros, US dollars and British pounds, with deposit terms between 1 and 18 years (the child’s maturity).  Funds can be added to the deposit at any time and at any sum.  Accumulated interest is added to the basic sum once a year, thus increasing the total revenues of the depositor.

Contact your private banker to arrange for a “Start-up” account for your child! 

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