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Bank Is Proud to Patron the Celebration of Opera’s 90th Anniversary

News - November 20, 2009

On 22 December, the Latvian National Opera House (LNO) will celebrate its 90th Anniversary. A grand celebratory performance in honour of the Anniversary will be sponsored by Baltic International Bank. The gala will feature ballet and vocal soloists, orchestra, choir and special guests. The Concert program offers arias and pieces from the world’s most famous operas and ballets, as well as music of Maestro Raimonds Pauls as arranged by Arturs Maskats.

„Since moving back into our newly restored white-pillared opera house affectionately referred to as our „White House”, we have been committed to adopting the worldwide trends in opera and ballet. We have aimed to stage opera and ballet productions in a way that they combine original stage direction and visual aspects in a highly professional musical performance. Today, we can surely say that this goal has been attained and the LNO has become Latvia’s important cultural venue and has taken a notable place in the worldwide opera community among peer theatres. Plenty of opera singers who perform on the world’s best stages have professionally grown in the LNO. The Gala Concert is expected to be a great testimony to the high-level skill achieved by our performers and will bring together superb guests and celebrities”, the LNO’s General Director Andrejs Zagars says. 

„While pondering over the LNO’s achievements, it is worth mentioning values that each generation upholds and wants to inherit – deep roots, strong wings and a sincere and open heart and mind. Indeed, our Opera House’s vision and mission are in line with these values. Moreover, the Opera has attached a special value to the art that has soaked into the public consciousness as a bright image of the country’s culture. Over the past many decades, the Opera has boosted Latvia’s image and name awareness worldwide”, Ilona Gulchak, the Chairperson of the Board of Baltic International Bank (the patron of the Anniversary Celebration Concert), emphasises. “Our strength is in our spirituality. Therefore the Opera singers and Opera audiences have deserved to celebrate this occasion. All genuine values are equally valuable for all of us. In these difficult times, we are especially proud of our contribution to this celebration”, Ilona Gulchak adds.    The Anniversary Celebration Concert will be televised live by LTV I. Also, it will be broadcast live by a local art channel that airs classical music.

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