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Baltic International Bank Named the Best Bank in the Baltic States and CIS

News - November 26, 2010

Baltic International Bank has been named as the best bank in the Baltic States and CIS which provides Russia’s customers with private banking and wealth management services. The bank was nominated for the prestigious award in recognition of its 2009-2010 outstanding performance and service excellence. The bank was honoured at the SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2010 in Moscow on 25 November. 

SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards is Russia’s first specialised awards ceremony held to determine the best of the best in private banking, wealth management and other related industries. The award is given in 18 categories to celebrate corporate, individual and other than financial achievements and successes.

“People find out about the service quality of banks such as ours mainly through word-of-mouth (personal references and recommendations from our customers and business partners). The award is indicative of that we are portrayed in a very positive light. It’s always nice to hear good feedback. For us, the award stands as great testimony to the high-level performance”, emphasises Ilona Gulchak, the Chairperson of the Board. „Our customer-centred philosophy focuses on quality of our services to attain customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction implies the safety and integrity of their financial capital. A satisfied customer enjoys financial and banking comfort when it comes to family’s wealth planning. Satisfied customers are assured that they and their families are treated individually and the bank is committed to their well-being. We have never aimed to become the largest bank in Latvia or the Baltic States. Our size enables us to retain flexibility and to offer superior service to each of our customers and their families”, says Ilona Gulchak.

SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards is patterned after SPEAR’S Wealth Management Awards carried out annually by SPEAR’S UK magazine in London. SPEAR’S UK magazine is a most well-reputed and influential magazine for the world’s wealthiest people. Already for the second time, the recipients of the award have been chosen by SPEAR’S Russia (the Russian version of the British publication under the same name) in close liaison with PBWM.ru (the first Russian online portal specialising in private banking and wealth management industry coverage). 

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