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We Announce Our Newly-Composed Council and Decision to Issue Bonds

News - December 1, 2015
On 27 November 2015, the shareholders of JSC „Baltiс International Bank” (BIB) held an extraordinary general meeting and made two important decisions, such as recomposing the Council and issuing bonds.


The three-member Council will comprise Valeri Belokon and Vlada Belokon, the both re-elected for a further term of office, and the newly-elected Andris Ozolins. The members of the newly-composed Council will each serve a 5-year term starting from 4 January 2016.


Andris Ozolins is a high-calibre expert of the banking industry. His multiple-year experience will significantly contribute to the strategic development of BIB. He has previously served as 
  •  a member of the Supervisory Council at AS „Reverta” (2014 to June 2015); 
  • a member of the Supervisory Council at a credit reference agency AS Kredītinformācijas birojs (2013 to 2014); 
  • a member of the Board at AS DNB Banka (1999 to 2012); in 2004 he took up the position as the Chairperson of the Board at AS DNB Banka; 
  • Board member (in charge of retail and corporate business in the Baltic States, Poland, and Denmark) at DNB NORD Bank ASA (2010 to 2011). 
Appointed in July 2015, A.Ozolins has been serving as Adviser to the Chairperson of the Council of JSC „Baltic International Bank”. A.Ozolins does not own voting shares of JSC „Baltic International Bank”.
As for bond issuance, the shareholders decided to issue, under Bond Offer Programme No 3, the Bank’s bonds worth up to EUR 15,000,000 (fifteen million euros), having maturities of 1 to 10 years, denominated in EUR, USD and GBP, with fixed or floating interest rate.
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