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Information about interactive gambling and lottery sites

News - December 23, 2019

Starting from 30 December 2019, payments using Baltic International Bank payment cards will only be allowed on the websites of locally licensed interactive gambling and lottery organisers.

Please be advised that under the changes in the Latvian legislation, from 30 December 2019 Baltic International Bank will reject card transactions if they are executed using payment cards issued by the bank on the websites of locally unlicensed interactive gambling and lottery organisers.

Such measures are taken because gambling and lotteries entail a high risk to the health and well-being of the individual and society, as well as the risk for addiction. Unlicensed gambling is also a tool that can be used in money laundering and terrorist financing schemes.

The changes impose an obligation on financial institutions to refuse payments on the websites of locally unlicensed gambling and lottery organisers, including establish the person’s responsibility for participating in illegal gambling.

If you gamble online or in a mobile application, please make sure that the certain internet or gambling website is licensed in Latvia. Also, please make sure that your payment card is not registered to make automatic payments with unlicensed interactive gambling operators.

The list of locally licensed gambling organisations is available here.

If you still try to make a payment on any unlicensed website, information about the declined transaction will be transmitted to the State Revenue Service (SRS). The SRS will examine information about illegal gamblers in detail and may impose a fine.

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