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The Bank Exhibits the Valuable Artwork

News - May 18, 2010

On 15 May 2010 an impressive work of art made of silver will be exhibited for visitors, as part of the Museum Night Event in Riga. It took several months to complete the masterpiece that was ordered by Baltic International Bank to enrich its art collection.

The silver bowl „The 21st Century Renaissance” was created by Oleg Auzer. For the first time, the work of art will be presented for viewing by everyone who visits Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation (Rīgas vēstures un kuģniecības muzejs), the Silver Room.

„We want to exhibit the unique artwork which should be treated as a long-term investment in Latvia’s cultural heritage in order to enhance and maintain the cultural heritage values. We call upon the outstanding Latvia’s artists to create a collection designed to occupy a special place in the country’s art history, to make the collection available to a broad audience, and to make us proud of our talented people,” says Ilona Gulchak, the Chairperson of Baltic International Bank.

„Whilst investing in unique artworks, we wish to excel the values such as stability and passing the legacy to future generations. These values are a part of the same philosophy shared by the bank and all families. We appreciate that the bank’s philosophy is supported and fostered by Valeri Belokon, the principal shareholder of the bank. As a contributor to Latvia’s culture, the bank is continuing a tradition established at the end of the last year. At that time, we sponsored a grand celebratory performance to honour the 90th anniversary of the Latvian National Opera. The concert was televised live on Channel LTV 1,” emphasised Ilona Gulchak.

The silver bowl is 120 cm high, 75 cm long and 65 cm wide, it weighs 35.37 kg, 925-fineness. The bowl symbolises prosperity, good luck, and life. On the backside, there is a gilded engraving that refers you to ancient China where world’s earliest money originated, to the year-1200 Rome wherein the word „bank” originated, and to the 21st century Riga.

„A brilliant master has turned silver into a unique artwork. He used old silversmiths’ methods and did not apply casting. However, he used special forms to mould fruit and grapes. The expressiveness of the artwork is embodied in the construction’s lightness and ethereality. With a dynamic layout, it looks good from multiple viewing angles. Undoubtedly, it brings to mind ancient royal artwork. This is a true testimony of the rebirth of silversmithing techniques in the 21st century. The bank’s investment in this artwork and a desire to create a collection to be available to a broad audience is regarded as especially welcomed long-term initiative. In May, Latvia celebrates the renewal of its independence. To mark this noticeable event, everyone is invited to share the pleasure of seeing O. Auzer’s artwork,” says Prof. Dr. habil. art. Ojars Sparitis, Art Academy of Latvia. It is envisaged that in the future, the unique piece of art will be exhibited by the Bank during arts and cultural events arranged in Latvia.

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