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Baltic International Bank insures employees against contracting Covid-19

News - June 8, 2020

Baltic International Bank has taken out insurance for all employees of the Bank, insuring them against the need for inpatient treatment of Covid-19 as a result of contracting Covid-19. This is financial insurance, which provides for financial support in this situation.

Inga Auziņa, Head of Human Resources Management at Baltic International Bank, points out: “Undoubtedly, one of the biggest recent challenges and, at the same time, priorities for us, as well as for many other enterprises in Latvia, has been taking care of our employees during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Along with the distancing standards, disinfection, remote work, technological capabilities and other factors that we provided to Baltic International Bank employees, we have learnt a way of coexisting with this “unknown” factor. Covid-19 insurance is nothing short of an essential opportunity to take care of employees and provide the necessary support if necessary, and as an employer we consider this opportunity to be highly important.

This insurance is an additional guarantee in the new circumstances in which we will have to live for some time more and which we need to adapt to.”

Covid-19 insurance is an accident insurance service of IJSC BALTA.

“In a short time, the Covid-19 viral infection has completely changed our lives, creating a number of challenges for everyone, while making safety and stability the main public priority. Businesses also face serious challenges, both economic and human. As the state-level restrictions are gradually lifted, more responsibility for the epidemiological and social safety of the work environment will be put on the shoulders of employers. Employee support has never been more important than today, and we are pleased that companies are aware of this and are actively using the opportunity to support their employees, taking care and providing additional protection in these difficult times for everyone,” says Ludmila Ščegoļeva, Personal Insurance Product Manager and Risk Underwriter at BALTA.

Baltic International Bank employs 215 people.

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